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In the Kootenays, numerous entrepreneurs started with just a truck or a desk. Through dedication, they’ve built businesses they aim to expand. Our team understands this journey and is here to assist you in organizing your business, planning for the future, and working smarter toward success.

Contact us to discover how we can collaborate on improving your business skills, managing finances, building a top-notch team, and achieving a healthy work-life balance.

At home in the Kootenays.

People work and play here because they have discovered how to build a life that feels like a vacation every day of the year.

Find your work/life balance with us.

Do you work for your business, or does it work for you? Build a plan to free yourself and have your business support you.

Seize the opportunities before you.

You know what you want to do but aren’t sure how. See your numbers in a different way to chart your course. Define opportunities and make dreams a reality for your business.

How We Can Help You

Our Process

  • Every interaction begins with a tailored meeting where we understand you and your business needs. Your business is matched with a dedicated team member, and together, we create a customized client delivery plan (business strategy) designed for your type of business.
  • If skills training is required, we guide you in developing your business expertise, using your company as a real-life case study. We encourage you to assess the progress and explore practical measurements in the real business world as we progress.
  • Our consulting firm focuses on crafting practical, valuable, and actionable plans with our clients, ensuring tangible solutions for their business challenges.

Where to get started?

Schedule a face-to-face right-fit meeting to start, and we will answer all your questions. Get in touch to schedule your meeting today.


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Our team is based in the Kootenays but most of us come from somewhere else. We support all businesses and entrepreneurs and the right-fit meeting in our process will uncover how we can help.

If you have customers and suppliers, you have a business. Revenue and employee count is less important than the challenges and opportunities you face.

Our team is built from entrepreneurs. Although some of us have lived former lives as accountants and lawyers, we offer business consulting services for owners. Accountants and lawyers are something different.

Our region has a unique blend of hospitality, energy, agriculture, construction, and manufacturing, all of which bring unique issues. We support all businesses and all entrepreneurs regardless of industry.

Your delivery plan will detail our fees and proposed schedule. Simple Executive-in-Residence appointments can cost as little as $5000 per year.

If you have an opportunity to explore or a challenge to tackle, we can help. If you want to do some light business housekeeping and make a good thing even better, we can help with that too.

Building a scalable business means positioning your company to grow naturally without friction or 100-hour work weeks. If you find growth elusive or too hard, we can help you with that.

A right-fit meeting is the way to get started and we can answer all your questions face-to-face. Get in touch to schedule your meeting today.

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