At Kootenay Peaks Consulting, we understand that navigating the business world can raise many questions. We’ve curated this Business FAQ page to provide clarity and insights. It is tailored to address your questions about our services, expertise, and approach to business consulting or business plan FAQs.

Explore the answers to your common questions below. If you have inquiries that are not covered here, please contact us directly. Our experienced consultants are here to assist you on your business journey. Let’s dive into your queries and uncover the solutions together!

All team members come from different places, even though our base is in the Kootenays. We support all businesses and entrepreneurs, and the right-fit meeting in our process will uncover how we can help.

You have a business if you have customers and suppliers and offer a product or service. Revenue and employee count are less critical than your challenges and opportunities. We work with large, medium and small businesses.

Entrepreneurs form the foundation of our team. Although some of us have previously worked as accountants and lawyers, we offer business consulting services for business owners. Accountants and lawyers are different.

Our region combines community spirit, energy, agriculture, construction, and manufacturing, each presenting unique challenges. We support all businesses and all entrepreneurs regardless of industry.

Your delivery plan will detail our fees and proposed schedule. Simple Executive-in-Residence appointments can cost as little as $5000 per year.

Building a scalable business means positioning your company to grow naturally without friction or 100-hour work weeks. If you find growth elusive or too hard, we can help you.

To begin with, schedule a right-fit meeting so we can address all your questions in person. Contact us to schedule your meeting today.

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